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Technology and innovation are powerful engines for economic growth and vitality in cities today.

Growing innovation economies in American cities have generated benefits such as jobs, higher wages, and tax revenue.

These economies require the presence of a talented workforce, high-quality incubators and small office space, and a concentration of research and development assets including research universities, business accelerators, business support services, and access to venture capital. The concept of an “innovation cluster” is essential to spurring innovative start-ups and established digital technology companies as well as attracting investors and top talent. Opportunities for collaboration and advancement result from the numerous collisions and points of friction that stem from having a critical mass of business start-ups and research in a single area.

The long-term goal of Central Houston and the Downtown Redevelopment Authority’s, in collaboration with the City of Houston and other organizations,

is to establish a vibrant innovation space that becomes the center of gravity for technology and entrepreneurship in the northern node of the Houston Innovation Corridor.

Strategically located within Houston, the Downtown Launchpad is uniquely positioned as the northern node of a larger innovation corridor that can leverage distinct partnership advantages with UH-Downtown, Texas Southern University, University of Houston, Rice University and the Texas Medical Center in order to grow entrepreneurial activity and retain local talent.

The Downtown Launchpad can also leverage Downtown’s advantage in the energy sector by encouraging incubator and accelerator cohorts targeted at energy technology, manufacturing technology, alternative energy, efficiency in logistics, sustainably, and energy lifecycle companies, as well as the desired urban lifestyles of employees and company founders. Healthcare, sports tech, space, cybersecurity, enterprise software development, climate resilience and adaptation, and autonomous vehicle innovation are all strong secondary sectors with innovation potential. The Downtown Launchpad is uniquely positioned with the core ecosystem components to foster the environment to develop and launch disruptive concepts and new ventures.

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About Us

Central Houston, Inc. is the steward of Houston’s vision for the redevelopment and revitalization of Downtown. 

Today, Central Houston’s leadership and oversight continue to play a critical role downtown. Priorities focus on the image of the city, quality of life, strengthening Houston’s economic base and continued collaboration with the City, County, METRO and Downtown property owners to improve our central city. 

Central Houston has contributed to the momentum of this exciting revitalization by enhancing collaboration among public officials, developers and businesses and has facilitated many of the public and private projects that have transformed downtown over the past 30 years.

The Downtown Redevelopment Authority facilitates positive development of the area within the Tax Increment Zone #3 (TIRZ #3) boundaries. Tax increment dollars collected within the boundaries of the Zone are reinvested back into the Zone through the Board of Directors. It accomplishes this by providing financial incentives through public/private sector partnerships designed to make Downtown Houston a place where Houstonians and visitors want to live, work and play. 

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